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Sickle cell disease

Sickle cell disease (SCD) is a major human hemoglobinopathy and has been the prototype of modern molecular medicine for several decades. In the field of hematology, SCD refers to a group of genetic blood disorders, which includes sickle cell anemia wherein  the red blood cell (RBC) becomes dense, dehydrated, rigid and deformed (sickled), as a result of intracellular Hb S polymerization[26]. Individuals with SCD suffer from sickling-induced chronic hemolytic anemia and acute painful 'crisis' events (vaso-occlusion and/or RBC sequestration), which can lead to organ damage or death.  

The challenge

Despite many triumphs and remarkable advances in the understanding of this disease's pathogenesis and pathophysiology, many patients still suffer. Currently, there is no therapy or treatment that has proven to be effective for all patients. When it comes to sickle cell disease, the real challenge is to bring a greater awareness of the disease to a North American audience. This site was set up to facilitate this endeavor.

Our Mission...

is to meet the many challenges that this disease presents, in term of basic science and clinical research, health and social well-being, as well as to inculcate a more comprehensive approach to patient care, including pain management.